Our Mission
To be the most informative and innovative billing, payment, credit and collections conference.
We're happy to see you would like to learn more about our annual conference and hope you attend.

We've provided attendees with 2-1/2 days packed with
industry speakers, panels, discussions, pertinent
topics and an opportunity to meet with peers in a
warm, welcoming, informational and educational
What to expect
and pertinent information
  • Your peers sharing their information about the
    opportunities and challenges they face - what
    is working and what didn't
  • New items or processes your peers are
  • Sessions for Utility Only - this is one of
    highest rated sessions
  • Participate in the daily open sessions, round
    tables and panel discussions
  • Gain valuable information about new
  • See hands on vendor demonstrations
  • Network with utility and vendor experts
  • Attend the Welcome and Conference
  • Enjoy our scheduled breakfasts, lunches and
    morning and afternoon breaks
  • Take time to enjoy our host city    

Who Attends

The Utility Payment Conference is attended by
decision makers in the cooperatives,
communications, municipality and utilities and their
service providers in the Billing, Call Center,
Collections, Credit, Customer Service, IT, Mail,
Payment, Purchasing, Remittance, Quality and
Treasury sectors.     

If you haven't already done so, register today!

Our conference provides cooperative, communication,
municipality, utility, retailer, and wholesaler and their
service providers with a warm and friendly educational
atmosphere with the opportunity to learn and share
time sensitive and valuable information.
Established in 1997

Our conference was started by an Illinois utility
seeking to gather and share ideas and resources with
other Midwest utilities.  

It became so valuable and successful that other
utilities wanted to attend.  The conference invitation list
was expanded to include utilities throughout the
United States and continued until 2002 when the
Illinois utility was merged with another utility and was
no longer able to sustain the conference.  

An original board member, Amanda Johnson
(previously with a Midwest utility), received numerous
requests to bring the conference back.  She was
successful in doing so.

Amanda asked Rose Clemensen, a past board
member (previously with a West coast utility) to assist
her with the conference.  

The conference invites a new utility each year to be the
Honorary Host of the conference and each year, the
conference moves to a new city and state providing all
attendees with the opportunity to see new locations
and gain valuable insights of other utilities that they
would not normally have the opportunity to experience.

Our conference continues to grow and reach new
audiences throughout the United States, Canada and
many other countries.