We cordially invite interested parties in the utility, cooperative, municipality and
exhibiting vendor sectors to submit presentation abstracts for this year's conference.  

Abstract submission due date:  March 31 - Extended until April 30
Abstract selection:  April 15 - Extended until May 10
Abstract notification e-mails sent: May 15
Final presentation submittal: September 15

Your audience will consist of vice presidents, directors, managers, supervisors, coordinators, analysts and
representatives from utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and  vendors in the Customer Service, Customer
Accounting, Treasury, Purchasing and IT departments with a concentration of or sole interest in payments.

All information shared for the abstract and throughout the selection and presentation process should be generic.  
  • No proprietary or confidential information should be shared at any time.
  • Vendors - your company name should only appear on the first slide as described below.  No sales or
    repetitive information regarding your company is to be spoken, displayed or referred throughout the

Presentation Length
Presentation length may be from one half hour to 1 hour including (15 minutes Q&A).
  • Note:  Amount of time provided to you may be adjusted by the Presentation Committee

Abstracts should be submitted and listed in numeric order with the following information:
    1.        Provide a title for your presentation (12 words or less)
    2.        Provide the total amount of time you will need for your presentation
    3.        Provide the audiovisual need for your presentation (if known)
    4.        Provide 3 – 4 descriptive key items (20 words or less) that would best explain what
              information and knowledge you wish to share with the audience.   
    5.        Include 3 – 4 key educational/knowledge sharing items
    6.        Provide a clear and concise 150 word description of your presentation
    7.        Provide information and/or contact references if you have provided this same or
              similar presentation within the past 18 months.
    8.        Provide complete contact information for person submitting abstract including:  
  • Name
  • Title
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Telephone
  • Email address
    9.        Provide complete contact information for each speaker and co-speaker(s) of         
              presentation.  Include:   
  • Name
  • Title
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Telephone
  • Email address
    10.     Provide two references, listing conference name or platform of presentation and the
              presentation provided.

Please note:  It is the Utility Payment Conference’s policy to accept noncommercial presentations. Kindly provide a
noncommercial presentation please.

Abstracts must be sent electronically and received by the due date or they may not be considered.  
All abstracts must be sent to:

Please note:  All presenters must be a registered participant of the conference.

  • The scope of the presentation should be relevant to the audience and supported by the
    3 – 4 knowledge indicators requested
  • Abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the Presentation Committee
  • Abstract selection will be based on the clarity and quality of the presentation, relevance to the audience,
    originality of presentation and the style and innovation of presentation

  • Presentations are to be in a power point. See POWER POINT PRESENTATION FORMAT listed below.  
  • Notification of the date and time of your presentation will be sent to you no later than 30 days of the
  • The selected presentation (presenter) will be  asked to confirm via email their audiovisual needs for their
  • Presentations are subject to cancellation if the final presentation submittal date is not met
  • All presentations will be available for viewing on our website immediately prior to and after the conference for
    up to two weeks

Please note:  Failure to meet any deadline and/or requested criteria will result in your presentation being cancelled.

Introduction or first page of power point should contain:
1.  Title of presentation
2.  Logo of speaker and co-speakers
  • No more than 1’ and only on the first introductory page
3.  Logo of Utility Payment conference on the first introductory page
4.  Name of speaker and co-speakers may be on last presentation page listing:
  • Name of speaker and co-speakers
  • Title
  • Company