Registered vendors are required to provide a Description of Services (DOS). We ask that you list what services you provide; walk-in bill
pay, credit and collections, mail services, etc.  

We ask that you do not share confidential information as the information is printed and provided to all attendees upon check-in at

  • All Registered Exhibitors must submit a 25 Word Description of Services form.
  • All Registered Sponsors are asked to submit a 50 Word Description of Services form.

Your Contact should be the person
we would call if we had questions
regarding your DOS information.
Your Company Name:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number:
Enter up to no more than 25 or 50 words for your Description of Services (DOS).  

Use the Microsoft WORD count to assist you.  If your DOS is over 25 or 50 words, your DOS will be adjusted in order to fit the
handout provided to the attendees.
25 Word
50 Word
Sponsors Only
Tell us what services you provide. For example: Walk-in bill pay, e-Bills, Telephone payments, EDI, ACH, etc.
Itemized Services
Note:  We reserve the right to adjust your Description of Services information
Utility Payment Conference