Utility Payment Conference
Implementing a New Mail Remittance Software and Equipment Change: A Case Study of Southern Company; Mike
Holladay, Southern Company Services, Pamela Garrett, President, Garrett Consulting Group
We are happy to provide you with the presentations for the conference this year. The presentations will
not be distributed in paper form at the conference; however, they will remain on our website until
December 15 for your review.
Utilities and Faster Payments – New Options to Transform the Industry; Ryan McHugh, Vice President, Specialist
Product, Manager, BNY Mellon
Focus on the Customer? Matthew Mays, Manager, Billing & Payments, Matthew Mayes, Constellation, Vince Sykora,
Regional Sales Director, Paymentus
Innovation, Changing Customer Behavior and Privacy; Andrea Whisler, Vice President Account Management, Brenda
Magri, Director, Security Strategy, Fiserv
Preparing to Digitize, Streamline and Rationalize; Karen Hotem, Manager, Treasury Operations, Exelon, Adam Kruis,
Vice president, Working Capital Consultant, U.S. Bank
Case Study: Sempra’s Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence, Gabe Mika, Strategic Technology Investment &
Innovation Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric
Artificial Intelligence  will be Augmented Intelligence for Collectors; Jim Bander, PhD, Decision Analytics & Optimization
Lead, Experian
Demystifying Payment Processing – How it Works and Ways to Reduce Costs; David Graham, CEO, Card Association
Payment Experts
Credit and Collections – A Utility Success Story; Karen Basilotta, Customer Care Supervisor, Las Vegas Valley Water
Wednesday, September 18
Tuesday, September 17
Monday, September 16
Reports of Cash Payments Over $10,000 Received in a Trade of Business, FinCEN 8300, Russell Stephenson, Senior
Program Manager, Policy Division
Thursday, September 19
ACH Network Rules  - Nacha Rules Update; Danita Terrell, AAP, Director, ACH Network Rules, Nacha
ACH Network and the Future of Payments, Danita Terrell, AAP, Director, ACH Network Rules, Nacha
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